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Airbnb Property Management Services for Australia

Ready to take your first steps into the Airbnb rental market but don’t know where to start? OptiNest is here to help with a full range of Airbnb property management services in Australia.

Want to learn more? Contact one of our friendly Airbnb management specialists today to get a quick, no-obligation estimate.

What is OptiNest Airbnb Rental Management?

At OptiNest, we understand how much work goes into effectively running and managing a short-stay rental property. From housekeeping and maintenance to renter interactions and key exchanges, staying on top of your Airbnb management responsibilities can feel like a full-time job; that’s where we come in.

At OptiNest, our goal has always been to support owners and landlords throughout the short-stay rental process whilst maximising rental income & offering peace of mind. As one of Australia’s most trusted full-service Airbnb management companies, and with services spanning all of Australia’s major cities, including Sydney, Melbourne (and the Mornington Penisula), Geelong, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast, we’re dedicated to ensuring that you always have access to Airbnb host management services that you can trust.

OptiNest Airbnb Management Services

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Anyone who has spent time on either side of the short-stay rental market has likely heard a number of management stories, both good and bad. Airbnb home management isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, and providing a consistently high level of service means working with both the strengths and limitations of your property to increase property incomes whilst accommodating the needs of short-stay tenants.

At OptiNest, we take a number of factors into consideration when planning out your Airbnb host management style, including your property type, location, and your needs as the owner of your property. Through this, we build a bespoke rental model that is suited to your specific situation, allowing us to get you the most return from your short-stay rental property.

Airbnb Property management

Airbnb Property management

OptiNest chooses a suitable rental model for your property, so you can just sit back and relax while we handle the day-to-day.
Furniture and Styling

Furniture and Styling

Not sure how to get your property looking its absolute best? OptiNest has you covered with a full suite of styling services.
Airbnb Cleaning & House Keeping

Airbnb Cleaning & House Keeping

Housekeeping is critical to both owners and guests. That I why we have our own housekeeping team and hotel standard linens to provide an affordable, impeccable cleaning service.
Long Term Rental Management

Long Term Rental Management

Have you considered making extra income while you’re selling your property? Are you struggling with short term or long term renting, or are you away from home for an extended period? OptiNest can help!
24/7 Customer Service

24/7 Customer Service

Our guest support team of hospitality industry professionals will take care of your tenants’ needs 24/7.

Airbnb Management by OptiNest

We service a list of cities in Australia, find out more from the below links:

Sydney, Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, Brisbane, Hobart, Gold Coast

It’s easy to see just how much of an impact short-stay rentals have had on the local renting market. With people rushing to take part in the ever-growing Airbnb market, homeowners across the country and beyond have increased their rental returns from 20% to, in some cases, upwards of double that. With that said, not every home is going to be as suited to the short-stay rental market as others, which can cause issues if managed incorrectly. At OptiNest, we select the right models for homeowners, ensuring that they make the highest possible returns out of their properties all season long.



Higher Return

Higher Return



At Optinest We care

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Tech-Driven Results

Tech-Driven Results

Utilising the latest technology, we are able to streamline the entire professional Airbnb management process from onboarding your properties to managing online listings and operating cleaning/maintenance.


Tired of being pushed around between departments? Done with extended call wait times without a response or resolution?

So are we. That’s why our team members are committed to fast responses and satisfying resolutions. You will always find support when you need it.

Process of OptiNest Airbnb Management Services

Onboard with optinest is easy and efficient.
Follow 4 steps below to get it online
We come to you

We come to you

Once your inquiry has been made, our sales representatives will contact you with a realistic forecast of what will be required, as well as genuine advice on how we can pursue the maximum rental profit for your property.


There are different models based on what works for you. No lock-in contract, no stress.


Once the keys have been exchanged and contracts have been signed, we launch the listing process. We promise to get your property online within 5 working days.
Sit back and enjoy the cashflow

Sit back and enjoy the cashflow

Each owner will have a personal support team and portal access, allowing you to monitor your income anytime, anywhere.

Airbnb Management Service Pricing

Exc. GST
  • No hidden charges
  • Fast listing process
  • No lock-in contract
  • High yield returns

FAQ – Airbnb Management Service

Different areas tend to attract different interests or clienteles. Given that Covid-19 has dramatically changed people’s renting behaviours, local/interstate short-term renting has since picked up enormously due to limited overseas travelling options. Residential suburban areas tend to attract longer stays and are less impacted by peak seasons, which in turn bring stable income to property owners. Touristy areas like city downtown area or holiday home areas along the coastline have constantly been attracting short stays at a higher nightly rate.

As long as your property is located in the convenience of public transportation, shopping districts, hospitals and schools, or is simply surrounded by spectacular views, it is short-term stay rental friendly.

Yes absolutely! Given that we provide full-service Airbnb host management for property owners across the country, we naturally have a lot of clients that aren’t within the same state as the property they’re looking to have managed. Having an Airbnb property management service take care of the day-to-day operations makes managing an Airbnb from a distance far easier, and you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is in safe hands.

We only charge one ongoing management fee of 18% plus GST. An one-off listing fee will apply which can vary, depending on the readiness of your property. In order to get your property ready for short-term rental, the listing fee usually covers professional photography, initial cleaning and linen drop off, and lockbox set-up fee. No other hidden fees whatsoever.

There are three proven ways of filtering out irresponsible guests that we do to tackle this problem.

Complete positive guest profile

Firstly, instant bookings will only be taken when a guest has a completed profile with profile photo, and positive host reviews in the recent times. However, we don’t say no to all first timers. They will need to provide the valid reasoning/occasion of the booking is made for, and the detailed information on other guests staying, and show us the wiliness of looking after the property with all due care, and respecting the neighborhood. Booking requests will be accepted accordingly.

Minimum night stay set up

Secondly, minimum night stay for weekends and different type of properties will be closely monitored and set up according to public/school holidays and all other peak seasons. It largely disinterests party goers and avoids potential damages that those guests could bring to your property.

Thorough routine walkthrough upon each guest departing

Upon guests departing, we do a thorough walkthrough for your properties and look for damages. Any damages found will be identified and raised to the relevant guest for reimbursement. However, we do recommend you to take out your own separate insurance to cover you for damages that cannot be recuperated from the guests or Airbnb.

Airbnb allows hosts or home owners to have more control over who they would like to host. It also offer its own Host Protection insurance which provides hosts with primary liability insurance coverage, meaning it generally applies first, regardless of other insurance policies a host may have. We also list on other multi platforms such as, Expedia, Tripadvisor and Homeaway, etc. Those platforms attract mostly international tourists who don’t mind to pay a higher price for their stay. However you won’t have the flexibility of choosing your preferred guests. They are a great add-on to your property rental income.

In saying that a successful short-term letting usually offers home owners a significant rental boost by 30-60% over time, it isn’t going to double or triple your existing long-term rental instantly. It takes time to build up the momentum and positive reviews for your listings, which in turn would lead to an exponential rental income increase.

There isn’t a definite answer to it. Long-term rental is more of a traditional way of leasing, which offers great stability and security in your rental income, and doesn’t require you to invest too much upfront. However, you will be locked in to a contract where rent and end-of-lease time will be fixed for a prolonged period. You won’t be able to do anything about a delinquent guest or have any control over your property within the lease period.

Short-term rental on the other hand, gives home owners the flexibility of utilising their own property anytime they would like, or sell off their property when they are ready, as there is no lock-in contract with short-term rental. Higher nightly rates are also more commonly seen and charged onto guests when your property is being managed on a short-term basis, which in turn boosts your rental income in a short period of time, especially during peak seasons or holidays. Tax benefit is also one big thing that entices home owners to short-term rental. Purchases made to furnish your investment property, as well as items such as appliances and repair costs can be claimed as a tax deduction.

At the end of the day, you could easily convert to long-term lease if short-term rental isn’t working out for your property. However you will never know the rental income making potential of your property if you never try.

No you don’t have to. No lock-in contract. However, we suggest to give it at least 2 to 3 months to see if it is working out for you.

While some recognised sharing economy platforms provide some form of cover or guarantee for hosts renting their property to guests. For example, Airbnb offer a Host Guarantee as well as Host Protection Insurance and Experience Protection Insurance, which may protect hosts for some loss or damage caused by guests. However it doesn’t necessarily cover you for all instances of property damage incurred during a guest’s stay.

Examples of what may not be covered under covers or guarantees provided for hosts by some recognised sharing economy platforms include:

  • Your liability to a guest or other person;
  • Loss of rental income;
  • Temporary accommodation;
  • Natural perils;
  • Identity theft;
  • Valuable items and cash;
  • Losses exceeding $1 million;
  • Damages from indirect causes; and
  • Damages from delays

Thus we would recommend hosts and home owners to take out short-term rental insurance where you can to have that peace of mind.

Guests do. Home owners don’t need to worry about that. Cleaning fee would consist of labour, linens change-over and consumables restocking.

GST doesn't apply to residential rent. You're not liable for GST on the rent you charge, and you can't claim any GST credits for associated expenses.

However, you may need to pay capital gains tax (CGT) on the rental income you make out of your investment properties. Hence, you will need to keep records such as:

  • Statements from platforms that show your income 
  • Receipts of any expenses you want to claim tax deductions for

Once you have submitted your inquiry on our website, one of our area managers will be in contact to get to know your circumstances more on the same day or the following business day. An inspection with us will be arranged to prepare your property ready for short-term rental. Once we have signed the contract, a photography shoot and/or a comprehensive furniture packaging can be arranged if needed. Your property is usually listed on the short-term rental platforms within the next 3-5 business days.

Are you looking to receive professional Airbnb management services across multiple listings? Leave it to us! As a leading full-service property management company, we know how to manage multiple Airbnb listings with ease, so no matter how many properties you have, the team at OptiNest has you covered.


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