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Guests do judge!

What guests see determines how much they pay, however, that does not mean you need to spend piles of money on furniture. At Optinest, we seek for a budget-friendly and high quality furniture solution. We help home-owners to save money in styling instead of burning. We combine from start to end service and high quality together offering you one-stop solution, let you step into short stay market with ease.

We have 3 furniture deals for you

Affordable and quality
Furniture packages

- All furniture comes with 12 months warranty

We are not dumping furniture into your place, we also take care of them. We make sure they last.

- We include everything

We get things done. Details are the keys to a short stay success. From cutleries to appliances, as long as its necessary we include it.

- We do it fast

Empty properties cause loss or rent, we get it. Thats why at optinest, we promise with a time and we stick to it.

Costing too much to start?
We pay first!

- Furniture finance plans are available, you can pay over up to 12 months

- Displayed or re-condtioned furniture packages (limited stock)

If your budget is really stretchy, let us know your budget, we work out a plan for you.


Not so sure about doing airbnb? We are more than happy to let you try it without spending a lot of money or making a commitment to it by renting the whole package furniture for you.

Are you selling your properties ?letting weeks of rent slip is a shame. Don’t worry, Optinest rents airbnb-friendly furniture packages that makes you earn extra cash between your house opening

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