Airbnb Housekeeping Services in Australia | OptiNest

We all know housekeeping is critical and difficult. Not only it requires the best quality but also flexibility and reliability. Thats why we only trust ourselves when it comes to housekeeping. At Optinest, we have a full-time housekeeping team preparing from cleaning, linens and consumables all by ourselves.

We know what we are doing!

Fully- trained housekeepers will come to clean after every check out. They thoroughly clean the properties before next guests check in. With average 80-100 times cleans, you house will maintain much better condition than long-term renting.

With Optinest self developed software, we are able to check the status of each cleaning and live pin our cleaners. It is also automatically synced with Icalendar making sure we don’t miss any cleanings. All the cleaning jobs are required to be completed at the same day guests checked out Maximizing potential booking opportunities.

We Check your home

During the cleaning process, we pay attention in details.

It is important to check the condition of the properties after guests checked out. Our housekeepers have been trained to stay alert seeking for problems making sure chase the bad guests if they are accountable for any damages.

Once there are red flags, we are notified in no time and all the records will be pulled out to support our claims.

Hotel standard linens

Sleeping is considered the most important part during guests’ stay. That is why we choose hotel standard linens. Combined freshness, crisp and cleanness,it is a bonus to our guests which will increase the chance for them to leave good reviews

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