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Melbourne Street Artist

Melbourne is an absolutely incredible place when you think about it. Offering stunning vistas, bustling business centres and a thriving community of artists, designers and artisans rarely rivalled in the world, it’s truly a special place. With that said, when global property investors are thinking of buying for the purposes of short-stay rentals, Melbourne, Australia may not necessarily be on their radar as a top pick.

This is by n means to say that Melbourne isn’t successful in terms of Airbnb usage and acquisition, quite the contrary; it simply means that there are a lot of people that don’t know what makes Melbourne an ideal Airbnb location. As an Airbnb property management service in Melbourne and the Greater Melbourne area, we at OptiNest have a lot of love for this area. We live here, we work here, and we know better than most what makes it so unequivocally desirable.

So, let’s take a quick look at the world of Airbnbs in Melbourne, and see what makes this such a perfect combination.


Airbnb and Business: A Match Made in Melbourne

Melbourne City

As anyone who has had the pleasure of walking through Melbourne’s Central Business District will know, the city is an enormous hub for businesses from across the globe. Brands from America, England, China, Japan and more all come together in the heart of Melbourne to grow their businesses and make their names known. Because of this, Melbourne receives a considerable number of international travellers, all of which need nice places to rest and relax in their free hours.

From startups to some of the world’s largest brands, businesses are constantly drawn to Melbourne’s shores, and this makes Airbnb ownership in Melbourne incredibly lucrative. Not only does this provide a wealth of new potential short-stay renters every day to promote your Airbnb property to, but given that many businesses will be paying for their employees to stay in the area, their budgets will often be quite a bit higher than your usual traveller. In other words, it’s a perfect place for the owner and the visitor alike.


Stunning Surrounds

Unlike some areas in which all of the fun and excitement tends to be centralised to a few specific hubs, Australia’s stunning vistas, serene nature and beautiful architecture all come together to make for a beautiful trip no matter what you’re looking for. Because of this, some areas of Greater Melbourne that are a little further out will still get a lot of visitors and interest simply because they still offer a lovely, soothing experience. From the beautiful beaches of the Mornington Peninsula to the scenic suburban life of Brighton, Melbourne’s stunningly varied offerings have something for everyone, even if your Airbnb property isn’t a short walk from the CBD.

The Mornington Peninsula


Events, Events, Events

Outside of the standard business and family reasons, one of the primary signifiers that a boom in Airbnb demand is about to occur is a big event. So, naturally, any area that is constantly hosting large events is going to have a lot of opportunities to entice national and international visitors. For that, there are few better places than Melbourne, one of Australia’s biggest areas for events, shows, gigs, performances, and more! From Formula 1 to Melbourne’s very own White Night Festival (which will be held in three regional Victorian locations for its 2022 incarnation), Melbourne is practically always hosting something to draw in the crowds. So, as long as you can stand out from the crowd, preferably with a certain impeccable Melbourne Airbnb management service, there will always be opportunities to get bookings.



Australia in general is always going to draw in the crowds with its coastal destinations, theme parks, natural landscapes, arts, culture and more. However, even in this truly unique country, Melbourne still has something special to offer. That’s why Melbourne is known as the cultural capital, the coffee capital, and even the fashion capital. These accolades are certainly earned, and they bring in more and more visitors every year to see why Melbourne is so magnificent.

So, are you ready to take on the Melbourne Airbnb mantle and start getting more from your property? Speak with one of the property management specialists at OptiNest today.

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